How it all started…

When I was just 10 years old, my mom thought it would be a good idea  for me to have another creative outlet. My sister and I met with one of  her friends and we learned a few stitches. Years passed and life  happened. Fast forward to the birth of my youngest. I spent a long time  at home with my mother-in-law. With everything that comes with a big family, by no means was I lacking in duties, but  there wasn’t much I could do. My mother-in-law loves to crochet so I sat next to her and decided to pick  up a hook and yarn. We never even finished a blanket or a pair of booties for my  little one, but my curiosity in crochet peaked again. Later, my friend Jillian Renee was starting her photography business and posted a photo of a baby prop she was searching for. I saw the picture,  whipped it up and she snapped a few pics of it…from that point, 8 Little  Monkeys was born.

When do creations happen…

Between the countless hours spent in the waiting rooms of Occupational  Therapy, Speech Therapy, neurology appointments, and the continuous  follow up visits with specialists there are only so many magazines, one can delve into. Sometimes my brain needs a little break from biology and physiology books. I can always count on creating something to help me refocus and balance.


This shop is a collaboration of an effort to provide for my family,    advocating for parents and families affected by Autism and Mitochondrial Disease and sharing my    passion (obsession) for crafting. When my hands and heart aren’t busy    creating, I love taking part in my other hobby – supporting fellow local   artists.

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